Sunday, July 8

Practice Plan Round 2

I've signed up for another month of Practice Plan with ChinesePod. After speaking with Aggie she determined that the best bet would be for me to have 3 lessons a week and 2 days of review. Last week it was:

Sunday - Pets
Monday - Review
Tuesday - This Room is Too Small
Wednesday - Review
Thursday - Borrowing and Returning

I also started recording the discussions so I could go back and listen. Two things about recording: I sound terrible and it helps tremendously. One of the drawbacks to the lessons the first time around was trying to take notes while simultaneously attempting to pay attention to Vera. Now I don't worry about it. I always listen the next day and can take notes, press pause, etc.

Saturday I visited my old class for possibly the last time. We finished watching "Huozhe".
Great film. See it!

More later...


Brendan Lawlor said...

Recording! Of course. What a great idea. Did you need a Skype plugin to do this, or did the built-in recording facility (I'm punting that you're on Windows) do the trick?

Jeremy Uriz said...

Thanks for stopping by. I use the Pamela plug in. It's free for calls under 15 minutes which the Practice Plan sessions are. I was originally going to use another program I have which simply captures all audio but Pamela is easier to use.

I wish a number of Practice Plan users could swap recordings so we can hear each other and possibly learn from each other.