Wednesday, June 20

And I Should Be...

Studying. Instead I'm doing this. The day before my last Practice Plan lesson with ChinesePod for 2 weeks. I need a break. Bad. I was almost in tears on Monday. Sunday and Monday were lessons on directions. First of all, I'm not that good with directions. Making me give them in Chinese does not help. I felt ignorant, as though the thought of trying to learn Chinese was silly. Who do I think I am!

Well, yesterday and today were better. I hope to spend the next two weeks reviewing grammar. I've downplayed it for so long and now I'm being drawn to it. I've had too many reviews with Vera where I knew every word to say but not the order to put them in. That's the height of frustration for me.

I reached a plateau for a while and I feel like I'm starting to make some progress. It's strange that I'm desperate for a break and yet looking forward to the next set of lessons.


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